О журнале

Founded in 2008, the scientific journal «Theatre. Art. Film. Music» is included by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) in the list of reviewed scientific editions that publish the main  scientific results of both  doctoral and candidate dissertations.

Periodicity - one time in three months.

The subject of the journal

  • Theatre art.
  • Music art.
  • Film, television and other screen arts.
  • Fine and decorative arts and architecture.
  • Choreographic art.
  • Theory and history of art.
  • Theory and history of dramaturgy.

The journal theme is the research in the field of theatre art in all the variety of its genres - drama, opera, ballet, circus, estrade, show programs and other types of new stage reality, as well as a range of problems connected with different  aspects of theatre pedagogy and poetics of a dramatic text.

Another thematic direction is music art, its theory, practice, genre diversity, ethno-cultural features, style trends starting from antiquity to contemporary times,  music connections with other arts, arts cooperation  and mutual influence.

An important direction are the researches on the plastic arts, painting, sculpture, book design, including incunabula, scenography of performances, as well as the art of cinema in all possible aspects of research, such as  sociology, psychology of percetion, the articles analyzing conceptual historical problems, personal style of directors, cameramen, and actors in leading roles and in group scenes.

Journal issue

The scientific journal is prepared for printing and published by the GITIS Publishing House